Biodegradable garbage bags

Song Bang Plastic is a leading manufacturer and exporter of biodegradable bags and common plastic bags such as HD, PE, PP bags (t-shirt bags, mango seeds, garbage bags, shopping bags, bags for supermarkets, nursery bags, …)

In particular, Song Bang is interested and prominent in the waste management industry. Our products include a wide range of biodegradable garbage bags, meeting different customer requirements. Our biodegradable waste bags make it easier to send waste to landfills. . Using our garbage bags to collect and decompose organic waste, helps to complete the natural cycle by returning many nutrients necessary for the environment.

Song Bang provides easy and hygienic solutions for households and companies. Our biodegradable garbage bags come in a variety of designs and sizes to suit all kitchen needs. With certified European clean materials, biodegradable garbage bags will reduce the unpleasant odor from the waste source. Biodegradable garbage bags also ensure better hygienic conditions for waste collectors and waste sorting facilities. By using fully biodegradable garbage bags you can easily classify upstream waste, making waste management easier and safer than ever.

  • Ingredients: HDPE / LDPE / plant-based material (Tapioca, flour, cornstarch, …)
  • Decomposing substances: D2W, EPI, oxo – biodegradable
  • Colors: Upon request of Customer
  • Height: At the request of customers
  • Width: At the request of customers
  • Thickness: As required by KH (10 mic for HDPE – 20 mic for LDPE, maximum 200 mic)
  • Print technology: Gravure shaft
  • Logo: Logo and color available on request, up to 8 colors
  • Ink coverage: According to customers’ requirements (can print up to 100% of bag surface)
  • Sticky bottom: heat / cold

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